28 September 2011

Like Burberry prorsum

When I saw Burberry prorsum 2012 spring/summer fashion show I was luckily shocked. The show was great and the collection I also liked a lot, but the most amazing thing was shoes! When I saw stripped wedges I couldn't believe my eyes because one year ago I bought very similar wedges. Look at them and say your opinion, which shoes you like more Burberry or my no name shoes? :) And the outfit with them very soon.

25 September 2011

Walk in the evening

Do you remember my new jumper with Angora wool I promised you to show in the next post? So this is it. We with my friends decided to go for a walk in a very beautiful place near Vilnius. It's the area behind the river, there are lots of small cafes were you can get amazing food and drinks and lots of waterfalls and park paths were you just can go for a walk and get wonderful sightseeing. It was a little bit cold evening so I've got a good opportunity to match my new jumper with my velvet pants and boyfriend jacket. Have a look, and tell me what do you think? :)

22 September 2011


As usual I started my morning with cup of coffee. But it was unexpected start of the long and hard work day.After three months expectation I've got my American Vogue! I always bought British Vogue before, but now I finally decided to enjoy American Vogue witch is edited by Anna Wintour. September's edition looks thicker then Bible. Articles which I liked are about Kate Moss romantic wedding and Rosamond Bernier colorful life. But the greatest thing in this edition is Mario Testino photos. He is a genius! Ok stop talking about the magazine. Next good thing is that I got my sweater made from Angora wool ( you will see the outfit soon) it will warm me in cold autumn evenings. And the last thing is my new Furla glasses ( also soon) I look like a strict teacher :D
What do you think about my goodies?

21 September 2011

Early morning

Hello, guys! My very quick post about how I look in the early morning after the cup of breakfast coffee. Have a nice day!

18 September 2011

Wonderful sunday!

My Sunday started with cup of cocoa and chocolate cake in a cafe were I spent few hours with my boy. It was nice to sit there in old town and enjoy the last good weather moments. After the long work week at last I got the opportunity to sleep well and relax. Another good thing which happened with me was package from BooHoo.com! At last got my wonderful items! What do you think about my new wedges, bags and tunic? :) Have a good day!

12 September 2011

Green birthday dress

Two my best friends born in early September and decided to celebrate b-days at the same weekend! Fiesta started on Friday, we met in wonderful winery called Vincenzo. Barkeepers made for us such a wonderful special aperitifs Mimoza with champagne and fresh orange juice. Later we got dishes made with cheese. Jamy!  After that we went to a night club to shake our bodies and listen music from the 90's .
That night I decided to be colorful and combine my green dress with the red lips and one more time my new hair color. I think It's my last stop because I really like to be with chocolate/caramel hair. It was a little bit cold outside, that's why I was wearing my TopShop boyfriend jacket on top.

4 September 2011

New hair color

After two years being blond I decided to become more natural. Now I want to have long and straight light blond hair. In first picture I look like Barbie or Merilyn Monroe. I don't like it any more. I like the second picture were I look like a real me :) Which color is better for me? Just look at these pictures and say your opinion. It's very important to me ;)

                                                                         Before the summer

                                                                               After the summer