24 March 2011

Made To Go!

I spent lot of time trying to find some red, orange, yellow, blue, green or other colors pants. First where I went it was Zara, I try on all of Zara trousers but I faced with a problem, all trousers are made for the girls who have narrow hips. So this kind of pants is not for my figure. I was really upset. And then one my good friend showed me vintage  shop where I found lots of nice things ( all of them I will show you later). Today I will show very comfortable outfit with my new red pants which I was dressed during the long day. That's why I called it Made To Go! :] Hope you will like it :]

20 March 2011

A. Vasilev exhibition

I had a dream to visit an exhibition of old fashion and accessories. And I did it yesterday. Did you hear something about Russian fashion historian, theater designer and collector Alexander Vasiliev? He has made an opportunity for ordinary people in Vilnius to familiarize with the "Art deco" and " Queen Victoria's time" fashion. The exhibition was organized in Lower Palace ( Applied Art Museum). And the were about 80 wonderful "Art deco style" dresses, 200 accessories, that time photos and drawn pictures. Also the were about 80 "Queen Victoria's time" dresses and 100 accessories. I've got not so much pictures and they are not a good quality because I made all of them with my phone camera. I'm sorry, but if you want to see good quality pictures you can see it here here.

"Art deco"

"Queen Victoria's"

Me and my simple outfit 

These pictures are my favorite and I'm in love with first and the second dresses. Which one is your favorite? :]

15 March 2011

Gray, silver, gold

One of my best friend invited me to the party in the wonderful, new restaurant near the city center called "Green Hall" (after that we have a lunch every day). I've got lots of fun to communicate with very interesting, friendly and intelligent persons who work in law enforcement or study law. I also met lots of old friends and had an opportunity to met some new. The evening was great! I was thinking about what to wear and decided to mix my old and very simple light gray dress with the over knee boots (because it still cold in here) and gold/silver accessories.
So this is me and my best friend Živilė...

...and our friends

8 March 2011

Women's day

Somebody is now in France in Paris fashion week, somebody in England after London fashion week, somebody is just traveling, somebody shopping, somebody laughing and somebody crying. It doesn't matter were you are or what you do. Today is international women's day! I'm here in Lithuania exhausted after 5 hours in university but I'm still amazingly happy, because everybody celebrate, men make gifts for women and boys make gifts for girls. Everybody around walks with tulips in hands and with the smile in the face. Congrats!
Today I decide to make an experiment with make-up, accessories, photo effects. So lets look at my experimental mix during this wonderful day.

What do you think about the photos and which one you think is the best? :]

6 March 2011

Amber trip

My end of the week was perfect. I got the opportunity to visit the jewellery exhibition which called "Amber trip". It was a good experience to me because like I said before I love jewellery and I try to make it by myself.  I saw lots of wonderful rings, ear rings, bracelets, necklaces and so on. I couldn't resist so I bought few very beautiful things which are made from amber. I always thought that amber is for older women, but I was wrong because nowadays designers create modern and very interesting things.
I've got not so much photos because I couldn't use any camera.

Can you believe that those roses are made from amber?

So and this is my bought things brooch, ear rings and ring. Doesn't the brooch look like made from gold? 
Next time I will try to match it to my outfit.