27 December 2011

My X-mas

Me and my family always celebrate my mom's birthday on Christmas time, but not the Christmas. Sounds funny but it's true. And this year I decided to bring Christmas mood at my home. I bought winter-wine and some spices for hot Christmas wine and made it at home very successful. Also made wonderful apple pie and decorated the Christmas tree during that listening winter hits. The atmosphere was amazing. And of course I didn't forgot about present! Santa was wonderful and left three pears of UGG boots for me under the tree. I'm ready for very cold weather now! Hope your X-mas was also warm and surrounded your family.Merry Christmas everyone!

15 December 2011

Juozas Statkevicius show

As I told you long long time ago I had an opportunity to be one of the hundreds people who saw the newest Juozas Statkevicius collection. The event was amazing. Everything was perfect! Big crowd of  Lithuanian famous people, champagne, black chocolate, photographers, reporters, warm atmosphere... That event was a mix of all those best things which makes me happier. The warm and pastel colors dominated in collection. Every dress was some kind of romance which reveals different spirits. It was like a modern fairy tale. At first sight all collection was similar but when you look at every detail you discover a new character.

                                                    And the maestro Juozas Statkevicius

                                                         And me with a friend during the show

11 December 2011

Open back blouse

Yesterday I went to my very best friend birthday. I was thinking a lot what to wear and I knew that there will be very interesting and stylish people. I didn't want to be worse then they. I bought new boots and open back blouse and matched it with my favorite dark blue pants. Happy B-day Mariau!