13 January 2012


This is my new passion. I discovered new kind of pants - riding-breeches. For a first time it looks not elegant and rude, but it's not like that. I combine these pants with the wedges or ankle boots and it become elegant. I wear these pants with the basic sport neon color top or military style jacket and it become more playful and colorful.Tell me your opinion!

5 January 2012

Vintage mom's dress

As I told you before my mom's b-day was on X-mas, and day after we invited all family to Chinese restaurant to celebrate this event.We decided invite everybody to a very nice place called "Kinu Roze" (Chinese Rose). I made a decision to make my mother happy and put on her vintage silver dress, which she bought when she was young. Dress was made by hand and created by Lithuanian fashion house. This dress is a real value!