27 October 2011

Guess what

After long time I decided to make... Look at the picture and guess what I try to do. Of course there is a reason why I start to create again. But about that a little bit later in the next posts. Have a nice day guys!

19 October 2011

Vintage Jetta

Nowadays vintage clothes are very popular to wear. And what about the cars? One my best friend buy some old cars and made them candy, better looking then new car bought from the salon. Today he invited me to ride with him few km after car was restored. I was impressed because it rides really nice and comfortable and everybody look at you with the smile in the face. I decided to wear very comfortable outfit with my knit poncho and object jeans. Have a nice day! :)

17 October 2011

busy morning

Hello guys! After few busy weeks at work I at last found little amount of time to write a new post. I'm sorry that I promised to you show my outfit with striped wedges soon and it didn't happen, but it is impossible now because I broke my camera. But I hope it will be repaired soon. So today I would like to share with you my impression about this morning. It started as usual with a call from work, I didn't have much time to think what to wear, so I decided to put casual pants, ugg boots and run to work. Finally the most interesting thing started when I decided to make a brake and go to drink cup of breakfast coffee, smoke one or two cigarettes and enjoy reading of my new October edition Vogue. I sit outside trying to feel the last sun rays and relaxing when one women who sit in front of my table started to talk with me asking what kind of magazine I'm reading and how much it cost. Of course I explained everything and then she told me that her work is fur restorer, I found it interesting and we discus about fashion and fur till my brake end. You know why I really liked morning like this? Because not every day some stranger start talk with you about fashion, good looking and good coffee. I hope all of you enjoy early mornings!