27 April 2011


Do you remember animated movie Flintstones? It was one of my favorite cartoon ever. So I decided come back to the youth days and try to feel like a little girl. Do I look like a little girl with this Zara T-shirt were is Rosie's face on it? :) Now this shirt is my favorite and I wear it almost every day. I'll show you different look. Hope you will like it ;]

20 April 2011

Two Blonds Having More Fun!

Yesterday weather was unbelievable! So I decided to make my outfit bright. And also it was a very good opportunity to wear my new boyfriend jacket and flats :]

13 April 2011

The sunset

One day I decided to check out my closet trying to fix it and found very old maxi black skirt which is made up from chiffon. I'm so glad, because I still can't find any max skirt which I really fall in love. So let's see how does it look surrounded by concrete and skyscrapers :] 

8 April 2011

beautiful day

At least weather became warmer and I became a better mood! I don't wanna be black or gray, I want anymore wear warm clothes. I want to be like a piece of sun which is not in the sky but walk through the streets. I want to rise and shine every sunny morning.
Me and one of my very good friend, who is not a professional photographer but he still likes to make some wonderful photos, decided to went out and make some colorful pictures. I'm one more time with my red pants ( I think they are one of my favorite now) :] so let's see :]

                                                             Hope you will like it :]

3 April 2011


At least it's worm outside. Nature woke up after the long and cold winter. So do I. Long and elegant dress all with romantic flowers, soft colors, gentle fabric, accessories made from amber and natural make-up. The sun is shinning, the music is playing, the time is running.... I'm ready to go out but  I'm just lying on the zebra stripped bed around lots of red, gray, black pillows. Diva, Muza? Or maybe it's just me, just simple me? Don't know... It's a dream, or it's a real life? Who can tell me? It's a new look,a  new outfit and a new me.

                                            Which one picture is your favorite? :]