26 May 2011

New experience!

Yesterday evening was something special!!! Few days ago I met one girl who study clothes design in Vilnius art academy. She is a very nice and friendly person, after an hour conversation she asked me to help her. I couldn't say no so I became  a model in a photo session of her last clothes collection. My dream came true, when I was 15 years old I dreamed to be a model, but I always was to big for modeling :p I don't wanna talk a lot about the collection, I will do it later when I'll take original photos from the photographer. I just couldn't wait, and I decided to share with you guys with this news! Today I show you some photos from the backstage. All the photos (I mean the original photos :) ) was made like a history of two girls/friends, who want to meet each other but one of them gone and the second one became sad. We tried to show the contrast of two different emotions: happiness and sadness. I was the lucky one, all evening smiled, danced and laughed and other girl tried to be unhappy. You will see everything later. Hope you like it :]

19 May 2011

Back to the 1940's

I think all of you saw the movie Pearl Harbor. What a wonderful love and friendship story. But one more wonderful thing is women styles of those times. Kate Beckinsale looks wonderful at that movie. She is so elegant and sensitive. I love the red lips and nails, curly hair, skirts and dresses below the knees... So one more time I found my mom's vintage dress below the knees like in Pearl Harbor. So today my dream came true. I felt like in the 1940's with the red lips, red accessories, heels, curly hair and evening make-up. I missed only one thing, the pilot like Ben Affleck behind me...

17 May 2011

Shopping day!

Every women in the world loves shopping! It's really a very good feeling when you can spend some money and buy wonderful things which makes you happier for a moment :] So this day is today! I bought some lovely things and I decided share with you. So which one is your favorite? :]

Those lovely pears of sandals are from Promod

Dresses from ONLY
                                                         One more lovely heels from Zara

                                                      Bright and romantic TopShop

                                                     Simple but wonderful rings from Lindex

13 May 2011

After the brake

I know that mix of black and white colors are ancient and boring but it's classic. Maybe it's not a very good time to wear something like that, because weather is perfect but I decided to make my outfit an official one. Dark button and bright top. How does it look like? Mini black jeans skirt, black wedges (which are my favorite one last days), white blouse and vintage gray jacket with the fur.