24 November 2011

November items

Hello guys, it's such a nice day today! As you can see I love casual knit sweaters. So I decided purchase one more knit sweater from United Colors of Benetton. I felt in love with this orange one when I saw it in store. It is so cute and warm because it's made from 100% wool. As I bought some new accessories long long time ago I thought that some new pieces could add my closet. There are my new bracelets from Morgan and ring from new Yorker. What's new is in your closet?

18 November 2011

sushi time!

Winter is so close, in Vilnius the first snow fell today. I don't know to be glad or to cry? But anyway I would like to introduce one more nice place, were I usually go to eat wonderful sushi, it called Gan Bei! Since it was opened I come there almost every weekend with my friend or family to enjoy Japanese and Thai cuisines. Which cuisine is your favorite?

14 November 2011

Red room

At last my photo camera is repaired. It's my very old outfit I told you few posts ago. Finally I can show you how I mach myself made brooch with my clothes. It's very dark outfit, because I chose black, dark blue and gray colors and of course my black stripped wedges. But in my opinion this look is the best to spend some amount of time drinking coffee with a friend. The pictures are made in no - named restaurant, it's a new place in Vilnius, were you can sit very comfortably with the friends and dirk cafe latte with the creme brulee. The interior is very unusual because all walls colored in red and there are lots of mirrors and lots of interesting lamps. I hope next time I will make some pictures to show you. And what about nice places in your city? Do you have the favorite one?

10 November 2011

Fur handbag

It's getting colder every day and I still have a question how to stay good looking when outside is minus degrees. Today I mach fur bag with classic skirt, over knee boots and fur jacket. Maybe you have some ideas about what to wear when it's cold? Please share with me :)

8 November 2011

New Vero Moda covergirl!

I'm glad to introduce you new Danish clothing company face Alexa Chung!
Vero Moda about Alexa and why they decided to work with this super stylish person.

Isn't she fantastic!

3 November 2011

What do you think?

Hello guys! My last post was some kind of question to you. Guess what I start to do? So whose speculation was right? On 16 November I will have an amazing event! The most popular Lithuanian dress designer Juozas Statkevicius will present his new collection! I can not wait! I already started to think what to wear and decided to make some accessories necklace and bracelet for that event. Look and tell me what you think and how you imagine how I could mach it with my outfit?

 Little bit about the bracelet and necklace, it is made from peach color silk fabric, feathers, milk color round beads and metallic color beads. This mix of textures cold and worm colors make these accessories wild and exotic.