7 February 2011

I'm back

After super turbulent weekend spent with my boyfriend's friends I decide to come back in real life :) So today I just want to show you those little things which I learnt to do in last few months. And I hope that next time I will show you how to match it with casual clothes :) 

  This is my first made brooch. It is made from the black silk and from the different size of beads. I decide to use only two colours: black and white, because it is elegant classic and you can match it with different colours and styles.

This is my second brooch which also was made from black silk. It's embroidered with the dark grey, black and sea green beads. This flower brooch is amazing because you can move the petals the way you need. 


  1. Wow, both pieces are stunning! You should really start a shop on etsy!! xoxoxoo

  2. Thank you, It's amazing that you like it ;]] I still have much to learn but I hope everyday I will do it better and better ;]]