8 April 2011

beautiful day

At least weather became warmer and I became a better mood! I don't wanna be black or gray, I want anymore wear warm clothes. I want to be like a piece of sun which is not in the sky but walk through the streets. I want to rise and shine every sunny morning.
Me and one of my very good friend, who is not a professional photographer but he still likes to make some wonderful photos, decided to went out and make some colorful pictures. I'm one more time with my red pants ( I think they are one of my favorite now) :] so let's see :]

                                                             Hope you will like it :]


  1. interesting connection of colors ;)

  2. I love your color combination!
    Especially the pop of yellow :D
    Great outfit xx

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  4. Love the all red outfit and yellow heels!

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