26 May 2011

New experience!

Yesterday evening was something special!!! Few days ago I met one girl who study clothes design in Vilnius art academy. She is a very nice and friendly person, after an hour conversation she asked me to help her. I couldn't say no so I became  a model in a photo session of her last clothes collection. My dream came true, when I was 15 years old I dreamed to be a model, but I always was to big for modeling :p I don't wanna talk a lot about the collection, I will do it later when I'll take original photos from the photographer. I just couldn't wait, and I decided to share with you guys with this news! Today I show you some photos from the backstage. All the photos (I mean the original photos :) ) was made like a history of two girls/friends, who want to meet each other but one of them gone and the second one became sad. We tried to show the contrast of two different emotions: happiness and sadness. I was the lucky one, all evening smiled, danced and laughed and other girl tried to be unhappy. You will see everything later. Hope you like it :]

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  1. Wow, how fun!!! You look gorgeous!!