20 March 2011

A. Vasilev exhibition

I had a dream to visit an exhibition of old fashion and accessories. And I did it yesterday. Did you hear something about Russian fashion historian, theater designer and collector Alexander Vasiliev? He has made an opportunity for ordinary people in Vilnius to familiarize with the "Art deco" and " Queen Victoria's time" fashion. The exhibition was organized in Lower Palace ( Applied Art Museum). And the were about 80 wonderful "Art deco style" dresses, 200 accessories, that time photos and drawn pictures. Also the were about 80 "Queen Victoria's time" dresses and 100 accessories. I've got not so much pictures and they are not a good quality because I made all of them with my phone camera. I'm sorry, but if you want to see good quality pictures you can see it here here.

"Art deco"

"Queen Victoria's"

Me and my simple outfit 

These pictures are my favorite and I'm in love with first and the second dresses. Which one is your favorite? :]


  1. lovely photos!


  2. Beautiful! I love the green dress and the Queen Victoria era selection. Thanks for sharing... I actually think the photo quality is quite good.

  3. Thank you guys :]I would like to share with you not only photos but also memories of this exhibition :]

  4. You look gorgeous! This exibition looks stunning! Thank you very much for visiting my blog:)


  5. You look so pretty!
    Lovely pictures!

  6. hey, i just found your blog today & i love it!

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  7. wow so cool that you got to see all of these old fashioned pieces! i love the last few pictures. awesome blog!

    xoxo - christina